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Licensing Policy

The licensing policy applies to:

  • University academic logos – the fleur-de-lis and name
  • Ragin’ Cajuns® athletics logos
  • The term “Ragin' Cajuns®
  • The name “The University of Louisiana at Lafayette®
  • UL Lafayette™ abbreviation
  • Names of University departments
  • Names of affiliated units and centers
  • Event/seasonal/promotional logos

Use of Name and Logo 

Only officially licensed manufacturers can produce products that bear any University logo, use the University name, or reference the University. Use of the University name or logos requires prior review and approval by the University’s branding and licensing manager in the Office of Communications and Marketing. No other office, individual, organization or agency—on or off campus—is authorized to perform branding and licensing review and approvals.

Any items that bear the University name or logos, including fundraiser and giveaway items, must be obtained from a vendor from our list of more than 200 licensed manufacturers, including local manufacturers.

No organization may authorize any third party to produce merchandise bearing the University’s name or logo, or authorize or produce items that combine any University logo with any third party name or logo unless approved by the University branding and licensing manager.


The University actively protects its name and identifying marks and enforces its trademark and registration rights. Infringements of trademark rights include non-licensed manufacturers producing and/or selling items bearing UL Lafayette’s name or identifying marks. IMG College Licensing assists the University with infringement issues and has the authority to pursue violations with legal action. All suspected infringements should be reported to the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Report logo misuse with our online form.

Modification of the Logo

University logos are protected by trademarks and federal registrations. University marks cannot be altered or modified in any manner. The following is not allowed:

  • Elements added or removed from official logos
  • Covering part of logos with other elements
  • Changing the colors of any part of any logo
  • Stretching, skewing, rotating or flipping logos
  • Separating logos into parts or altering any part of any University logo
  • Adding text effects such as shadows, outlines or underling to any logo

Depending upon the logo, the appropriate TM (trademark) or ® (federal registration) indicator must appear next to the logo every time the logo is used.
The Office of Communications and Marketing can require correction or alteration of any use of University marks deemed inappropriate.

Internal Purchases

If an organization or department wishes to use a local or national manufacturer that is not licensed, because a specific item is not available from a licensed manufacturer, the Office of Communications and Marketing can assist the manufacturer in obtaining permission to produce that item. Campus departments and organizations are not authorized to obtain items from a non-licensed manufacturer without written consent from the UL Lafayette branding and licensing manager.

When the University requests bids for products that bear the University’s name or logos, only licensed manufacturers will be awarded the bid. The lowest bid will not be accepted if it is not from a licensed manufacturer. Language must be included on the bid to indicate that a University name or logo will be used and that the manufacturer must be licensed to produce the product. Language indicating that the bid will be awarded to a licensed manufacturer only must also be included on the bid.

It is the responsibility of all employees, departments and/or student groups making purchases to comply with this policy.