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Branding & Licensing

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s brand or image is what distinguishes the university from other institutions of higher learning.

A successful brand reinforces who we are and what we promise to ourselves and to our community. Our brand is our reputation. It’s what people think or feel and how they respond when they hear the words “the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.” Our brand lives in the minds of those who interact with the University and is shaped by what we do, how we communicate, the principles we stand for, the people we inspire and the impact we have. Our brand is what makes us distinct. It helps us tell others why the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is an extraordinary place.

The success of the University’s branding depends on our ability to effectively represent ourselves and to educate others about the University. The key in successful branding is a united message. Branding is not about control. It’s about consistency. Our brand is about consistently expressing the essence of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Any company that wishes to manufacture items that use the University's name or logos must be licensed by the University. Licensing established a contract between a company and the University. It is one way to protect the University's name and logos by making certain they are used properly.

The University's name, image and logos have value. Licensing ensures that their value is not infringed upon. The University works closely with Collegiate Licensing Company, a national firm that represents nearly 200 universities to promote and protect its identlty.