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Promote Your Event

Suggested steps to help you promote events with wide audience appeal...


Three weeks prior

Plan and implement mass media promotions and advertising.

  • Submit your event announcement for possible press release and/or social media placement
  • Submit an image for display on campus digital signs
  • Promote to targeted student groups, e.g., residence hall students, Honors Program, Greeks, specific academic departments, etc.
  • Boost attendance through social media (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). 
  • The Vermilion publishes most Wednesdays of the academic year: Advertise and send announcements to

Two weeks prior

Implement campus visibility and networking.

  • Post and distribute flyers on campus bulletin boards only.
  • Post flyers at places students frequent, e.g., local coffee shops, restaurants.
  • Email your event flyer to to be included in the Monday Messages announcements on the University's Instagram (@ULLafayette) and Snapchat account.
  • Invite student & community groups to attend and to help publicize through their websites, meetings, etc.
  • Ask faculty to mention it in class. Occasionally they will offer extra credit for relevant topics.

Final week

  • Deliver banners to be hung on your reserved space.
  • Promote an event with a table on campus.
  • Campus postings & sidewalk chalk.

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