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Brand Guide & Graphic Standards

The University’s branding is supported by two fundamental truths:

  • Consistency builds awareness.
  • Repetition reinforces recognition.

Consistency and repetition are powerful together. They’re why you think of Nike® when you see only its swoosh. When you hear “Like a good neighbor,” you think State Farm®.

The Office of Communications and Marketing has the primary responsibility for managing the University’s brand. But every person with ties to UL Lafayette contributes to how our University is perceived.

It’s imperative that we all refer to the University in the same way – all the time – in words and images. Any variation dilutes the strength of our brand.

So, we must speak with one voice.

This brand guide is a tool that can help us convey a united image. It can’t cover every circumstance. But it provides standards for the most common uses of the University’s name and logos, such as apparel and printed material. And it covers simple procedures that will enable you to maintain those standards.

Together, we can promote and protect our University’s identity.

Download the Brand Guide and Graphics Standards Manual.

Cover of UL Lafayette's brand guide with photos of students and the words Brand Guide and Graphic Standards Manual