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University Name, Image & Likeness Guidelines for Student-Athletes

La. R.S. 17:3701-3703 allows intercollegiate student-athletes enrolled in a post-secondary education institution to benefit from the use of their names, images, or likeness consistent with recommendations issued by the NCAA. The following guidelines will apply when using University trademarks, branding or identifying markers.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is committed to protecting the use of its name, department names, monikers, logos and visual marks or any likenesses, including but not limited to advertising, stationery, websites, social media, cobranding, facilities or apparel and merchandise.

Trademark, copyrights, branding elements and identifying markers can include but are not limited to:

  • Words (for example, University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
  • Symbols (for example, Primary Stacked Ragin’ Cajuns logo)
  • Colors (for example, Vermilion Red and White)
  • Imagery (for example, campus/facility photography, roster headshots, photos in uniform)

A request to use University trademarks, branding elements or identifying markers must be submitted using the Trademark Use Request Form below. Allow adequate time for review, including any required revisions.

Name, Image & Likeness Guidelines

  • Co-branding with the University or use of identifying markers will be considered on a case-by-case basis with respect to current contractual relationships and in accordance with University policies. These rights will need to be secured through an agreement granting specified promotional or licensed rights.
  • A fee will be assessed for use of any University trademarks, logos, indicia or branding elements.
  • For retail products, only officially licensed manufacturers of the University may reproduce items bearing the University’s trademarks and indicia. Select a Licensed Vendor. The Collegiate Licensing Company, CLC, helps to administer the University’s licensing program. Learn more about the license application process.
  • Any usage of University logos, verbiage, or brand elements requires prior review and approval from the licensing staff in the Office of Communications and Marketing. The University has sole discretion over its marks and does not guarantee use of University marks by any entity.
  • University marks cannot be altered or modified in any manner (including, but not limited to adding elements to official logos or covering parts of logos with other elements, color changes, stretching or skewing, flipping, separating into parts or altering any part of any university logo).
  • The appropriate TM (trademark) or ® (federally registered) indicator must appear next to the logo or wordmark.
  • No references to drugs, tobacco-related products, alcohol, illegal substances/activities, banned athletics substances, or any form of gambling including sports wagering may be used in conjunction with University marks.
  • The University reserves the right to adjust guidelines based on any guidance provided by Louisiana law, the Louisiana Governor, the Louisiana Board of Regents, the University of Louisiana System, the NCAA or University Administration.

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