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Media Communications Policy

External communications to news media regarding the University are subject to the principles and protocols outlined below.

This policy is intended to cover news stories, statements, public service announcements, feature articles, and other messages and informational materials, including photographs, related to University business and operations. Nothing in this policy is intended to infringe in any way on academic freedom.

This policy applies to all University faculty and staff when they are speaking on behalf of, or as a representative of, the University. University employees have the fundamental right to express their personal views to the news media, provided they make certain to specify by disclaimer that they are not speaking on behalf of, or as a representative of, the University.

The University seeks to maintain mutually beneficial relations with news media by providing timely responses and encouraging stories that emphasize the University’s expertise, its successes, and its support of Louisiana and, especially, the region. 

To provide accurate and timely information to the news media, there must be a coordinated flow of information that is consistent in style, quality, and content.  Timely responses to media inquiries are imperative because news media have immediate or firm deadlines.

This policy is not intended to restrict faculty or staff from expressing opinions or providing information as private citizens to media representatives.

The Chief Communications Officer, or a designee appointed by that director or by the University President, is the official University spokesperson. Direct all media inquiries pertaining to University-related issues to the Office of Communications and Marketing, with limited exceptions as noted below.

University press releases and announcements, including press conferences, must be approved and coordinated by Communications and Marketing.


Designated experts. Communications and Marketing maintains a list of University faculty and staff members, engaged in a profession, who are considered experts for topics based on their research, scholarship, or professional expertise. The news media are encouraged to contact faculty and staff experts. When the media contacts experts, the faculty or staff member should notify Communications and Marketing as soon as possible, so that Communications staff can be aware of media interest and provide assistance.

University Police. The Public Information Officer handles media inquiries and press releases for the University Police Department.

Athletics. Media inquiries and press releases specific to Ragin’ Cajuns® NCAA-sponsored sports are handled by Athletics Communications. The Athletics Communications Office shall keep Communications and Marketing informed of reputation-defining issues.  Athletics Communications shall submit for prior review by Communications and Marketing releases not directly related to competition, such as fundraising, operations, personnel, and legal matters.

The Office of Communications and Marketing can be reached at 337-482-6397(482-NEWS). Send news ideas and announcements to

The Office of Communications and Marketing will manage this policy.

Adopted by the University Council on July 23, 2012
Revised by the University Council on February 18, 2013 (office/title edits July 5, 2017)
Approved by the University President on November 9, 2012