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Distribution & Circulation

Copies of La Louisiane are mailed to:

  • all alumni of record
  • current students
  • donors
  • members of the Louisiana Legislature
  • community and government leaders
  • the Louisiana Board of Regents
  • the Board of Supervisors of the University of Louisiana System
  • local media 
  • principals and guidance counselors at each high school in the state

The La Louisiane app is available year-round for the latest news.

Locations on Campus

Additional copies are distributed at about a dozen high-traffic locations on campus, including:

  • Dupré Library
  • Bourgeois Hall
  • Martin Hall
  • Moody Hall
  • H.L. Griffin Hall
  • Lee Hall
  • Maxim Doucet Hall
  • Fletcher Hall
  • KRVS
  • Burke-Hawthorne Hall
  • Foster Hall